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Event Management

Favourable geopolitical location makes Georgia an ideal place for arranging international conferences, symposiums, congresses and business meetings. 
Throughout its history Georgia has always played an important role in the Caucasus and this fact is still true today. Georgia represents a geographical centre of the Caucasus, a transit link between Europe and Asia.
Due to the central location in the Caucasus, Georgia is the best place for arranging regional and international events. Favourable climate, beautiful nature and rich historical and cultural heritage provide good conditions for foreign guests to combine business and leisure.
Considering all this, the interest towards Georgia is repeatedly increasing. That’s why it is becoming relevant to have a reliable partner in our country with the experience of organizing international events.
With our experienced and multilingual (English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese speaking) staff it will be easier to organize such kind of events.
Georgian DMC Ltd. offers the full package of Event Management services according to your request:

  1. Selecting the best place (conference hall) for the event according to the budget and location;
  2. Arranging inspection tour for organizers if requested;
  3. Providing full information about the place where an event will be held (information about the country, security, hotels, inland transport, catering, best possibilities for participants about arriving in Georgia);
  4. Providing printed material if requested (application forms, invitation cards, other documents);
  5. Reserving hotels for participants;
  6. Arranging arrival/departure transfers for participants (by car, mini-bus, bus);
  7. Providing inland transportation (car, mini-bus, bus) for participants during the event;
  8. Arranging special notice boards in hotels accommodating participants if requested;
  9. Providing participants with registration service and all necessary material;
  10. Providing interpreter service (Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, and Persian-speaking) for participants if requested;
  11. Providing the event with simultaneous translation (in Russian, English, German, French);
  12. Supplying the event with all necessary equipment;
  13. Providing courier service;
  14. Supplying the event with additional technical equipment (computers, facsimile, copying);
  15. Providing assistance in document preparations for traveling to Georgia;
  16. Arranging presentations, banquets, cocktail and coffee breaks for event participants;
  17. Arranging special security service for the event and its participants if requested;
  18. Arranging cultural entertainment for participants;
  19. Arranging excursions for participants if requested;
  20. Arranging special meetings with local experts if requested;
  21. Organizing the event coverage by mass media if requested;
  22. Defining total expenses of the event arrangement.