Sea Shore Excursions

The Roman-style Gonio fortress located close to the Turkish border dates from I century A.D, though the history of the fortress goes much further (8th century BC). According to the legend it is connected with the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts who sailed to the fabulous Kingdom of Colchis to gain the Golden Fleece.


Batumi Botanical Garden
Batumi Botanical Garden is one of the biggest gardens in Europe (120 hectares). A visitor will have a chance to see not only endemic plants but the rare and interesting plants imported from different parts of the world divided into 9 geographic zones. The sub-tropical climate of Adjara helps the species of plants from different climate and landscape zones to coexist in these gardens.


National Museum of Adjara
The museum houses thousands of unique displays and collections exhibited in nature, archeology, ethnography and history departments. Among them there’re stuffed animals and stuffed birds characteristic for Adjara, beautiful artifacts, archeological collections, ethnographic things, unique photos and manuscripts.

Open Air Museum
A small open air ethnographic museum displays ethnography of plain and mountainous Adjara – impressive for all visitors. The small models exhibited in this museum show us different types of house architecture characteristic for the region of Adjara giving a close view to traditions of Adjarian people.

Batumi Boulevard
If you visit Batumi you should definitely visit a sea-side park called Batumi Boulevard by locals. The park makes a green outline to the shore of Batumi. The park offers all conditions to have a rest there. Visitors have a big choice of cafés and restaurants, where they can taste traditional food and famous Batumi coffee prepared on burning hot sand.

Farmer’s Market
Batumi Farmers’ Market is a typical oriental market where farmers sell many different and delicious products: cheese, Georgian spices, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and some exotic decorative plants. Visit to the market gives you a great chance to experience local style of everyday life of Georgians.

Together with cultural heritage you have a chance to get acquainted with Georgian Folklore. Not only polyphonic singing but also National dances - floating ladies and pliable men – show you mysterious and wild nature of the people of the Caucasus. They show the courage and braveness, tenderness, grace and elegance of Georgian people.