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Tusheti is a mountainous region of Georgia located in the eastern part of the Great Caucasus 1650-4500 m above the sea level. The huge mountains surrounding the area make Tusheti original and beautiful – rich fauna with endemic breeds – Capra Cylindriconics, Tetraogallus Caucasicus, Tetrao Mlokosiewiczi; splendid flora - vivid green grass covering mountain slopes, coniferous forests, colorful wild flowers, snow-picked mountains; villages lying on the slopes of mountains built with cobble-stone, old Tushetian towers proudly overlooking alpine meadows - form spectacular views.
Tushetians are nomadic people. In winter they live in flatlands and in summers head up to the mountains, speak Tushetian dialect, have fascinating traditions and delicious cuisine.
Tusheti is perfect for horse riding tour. Wild nature, wonderful views, pleasant atmosphere, very comfortable, small size Tushetian horses and hospitality will make the trip unforgettable for you.

Horse Riding Tour in Tusheti

Day 1: Depart for Tbilisi
Day 2: Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Tbilisi
Arrival in Tbilisi and transfer to a hotel.
After breakfast we will have Tbilisi Sightseeing tour – Old and New districts of Tbilisi.
Then we drive to see old capital of Georgia – Mtskheta (4th century BC) with its UNESCO world heritage sights. Overnight in Tbilisi.
Day 3: Tbilisi – David Gareja – Telavi
In the morning we drive to David Gareja cave complex and visit 2 sights – Lavra and Udabno. Lavra is easily accessible but to reach Udabno we have to walk up for 30-40 minutes. In caves of Udabno we see the frescos of different period; from caves we enjoy the views of Azerbaijan. On our way to Telavi we’ll stop at farmer’s wine cellar, see an old winepress and get acquainted with manner of Georgian winemaking. Later we drive to Telavi and overnight there.
Day 4: Telavi – Omalo – Keselo – Omalo
Early in the morning we drive to Alvani from where we head up to Abano Pass (2926 m) to reach the village of Omalo – the largest village of Tusheti. Upon arrival we have lunch and later walk to Keselo (Old Omalo), where we’ll see old Tushetian towers, visit Ethnography museum of Tusheti and enjoy the stunning views of the Great Caucasus Mountains. Overnight in Omalo.
Day 5: Omalo – Khakhabo – Kekhi – Gogrulta
Today starts the horse riding adventure. We’ll get on a horseback and ride to explore the mysterious world of Tusheti with its unspoiled nature, old towers and stone built small houses, Tushetian people famous for their hospitality and traditions dating back many centuries. The path to Khakhabo is very pleasant – accompanied with wild flowers and mountains you reach Mt. Kekhi giving you a chance to enjoy a stunning view to enthralling horizon. Later we ride to Gogrulta and overnight in tents.
Riding: 8-9 hrs
Day 6: Gogrulta – Iliurta – Beghela – Verkhovani
In the morning we put together the tents and on a horseback ride to see the villages of Gometsari Gorge. Together with gorges nature, we’ll be impressed greatly by beautiful old Tushetian houses and towers stagnant on the slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountains. Gometsari Gorge is cut off from the rest of the world. That’s why horse riding is the best way to explore the villages of this beautiful gorge. Overnight for next 2 days in Verkhovani.
Riding: 5-6 hrs
Day 7: Verkhovani – Tsovata ruins – River head of Alazani – Verkhovani
(Depends on weather conditions)
Today we visit the Tsovata Gorge. The settlements here do not exist anymore there’re only the ruins of Tsova Tushetian villages there. Tsova Tushetians speak a different dialect than Tushetians, their language is close to Ingushetian and that’s why locals think that Tsova Tushetians came here from Ingushetia. We’ll ride along the village ruins of Tsaro, Indurta, Etelta. If weather conditions permit we’ll ride up to the head of Alazani River and ride back to Verkhovani taking another route via village Koklata.
Riding: 8-9 hrs
Day 8: Verkhovani – Dadikurta – Makratela Pass – Parsma – Dartlo
In the morning we start riding from Verkhovani. Our ride today takes us over Makratela Pass - one of the most spectacular passes in Tusheti. On the way we’ll pass the village Dadikurta (2360 m above the sea-level) – considered as the highest village in Tusheti. From the top of Makratela Pass you enjoy the great view to Pirikiti Gorge; we’ll look down at Parsma village and see the so-called White towers on the ridge. When coming down we’ll have to walk because it’s a very steep downhill. We visit one of the stunning villages of Tusheti – Parsma famous for its authenticity. After visiting Parsma we’ll ride to Dartlo village via Chesho. We overnight in Dartlo.
Riding: 6 hrs
Day 9: Dartlo – Chigho – Diklo
We have one more adventurous day awaiting us ahead. The route takes us through indigenous alpine meadows – full of wild flowers, we cross the river Alazani - showing the way to us, the narrow path along the huge mountain slopes leads us to a modest village - Chigho that has a stable-left above the village settlement itself. Riding in the deepness of Wild Caucasus Mountains we reach Diklo village consisting of old and new parts. New Diklo shows that 19th century house architecture spread in Tbilisi influenced Tushetians and they started to build the houses with open and beautifully carved balconies but Tushetians made their own style and ornaments in carving the wooden balconies. Old Diklo was a fortified village. Nobody lives there anymore but the ruins act as story-tellers that tell you different stories about the brave people who lived in this village. From Diklo you can see the views of Dagestan. Just behind the mountain seen from Diklo Dagestan settlements start.
Riding: 5 hrs
Day 10: Diklo – Shenako – Omalo
In the morning we start riding towards the village Shenako. Today we don’t ride very long so we can enjoy our time in Shenako with its beautiful small church, cobble stone built Tushetian houses, narrow lanes, splendid nature and the real spirit of Caucasus. Today our route leads us down to the Alazani River through coniferous forest. We cross the brige over Alazani and ride uphill later on to find ourselves on a valley where village Omalo is located. Overnight in Omalo.
Riding: 2 hrs
Day 11: Omalo – Tbilisi
Early in the morning we drive to Tbilisi.
Overnight in Tbilisi
Day 12: Departure