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The Great Caucasus Mountains stretched along the north border of Georgia represent the highest mountain range in Europe and the realm of many famous peaks.
The most famous peak in Georgia is Mt. Kazbegi (5047 m) or Mkinvartsveri (Ice top in Georgian) as the locals call it. Many legends are connected with this mountain and among them the myth of Prometheus who stole fire from God to give it to the mortals.
We offer you the best service for organizing this trip while you will be guided by the experience climbers and with them you will have a chance to get know to the mountains of Georgia and enjoy the superb beauty of nature.
It is preferable to add 2-3 more trekking days before climbing up in the surroundings of Kazbegi for acclimatization.

Climbing up Mt. Kazbegi

Day 1: Depart for Tbilisi
Day 2: Tbilisi
Arrive in Tbilisi. Transfer from the airport to a hotel. After breakfast we will have Tbilisi Sightseeing tour – Old and New districts of Tbilisi. Overnight in Tbilisi
Day 3: Tbilisi – Gergeti
In the morning we will depart for Kazbegi. We enjoy the traveling along the Military highway, see beautiful mountain sceneries and arrive in Kazbegi village. After lunch we walk up to the Gergeti Trinity church (2170 m) and make camp near it. Here we enjoy the breathtaking views. Weather permitting we see Mt. Kazbegi (5047m) which is our final destination.
Walking time: 1, 5 hrs. Up: 500 m
Day 4: To the Meteorological Station
In the morning we will walk along the narrow path to the Meteorological Station. After 8 hours walking we reach the former Meteorological Station which stopped functioning since 1989 and nowadays is only the tourist shelter. Overnight in the Meteorological Station with basic facilities.
Walking time: 7 hrs. Up: 1500 m
Day 5: Acclimatization
Today we take a rest and get prepared for climbing up the glacier.
Walking time: 4 hrs. Up & down: 300 m
Day 6: To the summit of Mt. Kazbegi
Early in the morning we depart from Meteo to the glacier. This is 12 km distance in total and takes 9 hrs. The last distance is the hardest where we have to crawl up. Otherwise we will be in a chain with a rope.
Walking time: 13-14 hrs. Up & down: 1400 m
Day 7: Day on reserve
In case of not climbing up the glacier because of bad weather conditions we have this day as a second chance. If we climb up successfully we will be back in Kazbegi by afternoon.
Walking time: 4 hrs. Up & down: 2000 m
Day 8: Kazbegi – Tbilisi
If we climb up the previous day we will be back in Kazbegi on this day and then depart for Tbilisi. If there is no need for the reserved day we will depart for Tbilisi in the morning and afternoon free time.
Day 9: Departure