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For those people who like active holidays Bike Tour is the best way to explore Georgia and enjoy enthralling nature. Relief of Georgia is multiform that gives great possibility for mountain and cross country bike tours. During the tour you will find yourself surrounded by fantastic gorges, beautiful valleys and huge mountains making you full of energy and filling you with the positive emotions.
In this tour you will have a chance to visit Georgian towns and villages, get acquainted to local traditions and historical-cultural sights, taste Georgian cuisine and of course famous Georgian wine as well.

Wild Caucasus

Day 1: Depart to Tbilisi
Day 2: Tbilisi
Arrive in Tbilisi, meet in the airport and transfer to a hotel.
After breakfast we will have Tbilisi Sightseeing tour Old and New districts of Tbilisi.
Overnight in Tbilisi.
Day 3: Tbilisi Kazbegi
Today we travel to high Caucasus Mountains. We follow military road and visit Ananuri architectural complex (17th century), afterwards we continue to cross pass and arrive in Kazbegi the administrative center of Khevi region. From here you have an amazing view of Mt. Kazbegi (5047 m). In the afternoon nice walking to Gergeti church awaits us, from the top we will enjoy the views of town of Kazbegi and surrounding mountains. Walk back to Kazbegi. Overnight for next 2 days in Kazbegi.
Walking time: 3 hrs. Up & down: 500 m
Day 4: Kazbegi Truso valley Kazbegi
Today nice walking in Truso valley awaits us. We drive some part and afterwards start our walk in the gorge. En route visit villages and old settlements and enjoy beautiful views around. Afterwards with the same way return to Kazbegi.
Walking time: 5-6 hrs. Up & down: 250 m
Day 5: Kazbegi village Juta Mt.Chaukhebi (3842 m)
In the morning we drive through the spectacular Sno Valley to the village of Juta (2165m).Driving on a narrow road will bring you deeper in the mountains where the exotic small village Juta awaits the travellers. This old village still surprises the visitors with its preserved ancient way of life. Surrounded by the gorgeous mountains it is completely cut off from the whole country during six months. Visiting this village will be truly an unforgettable experience. From Juta we will start a pleasant walk to the foot (2550m) of Mt. Chaukhebi (3842 m) which is continuation of walking in the beautiful nature. We walk through fascinating nature until the foot of Mt. Chaukhebi.
Camping at the foot of Mt.Chaukhebi (2550m).
Walking time: 2 hrs. Up: 400 m
Day 6: Around Mt. Chaukhebi (3842 m)
Today we will walk up to the nearby pick and from 3000 m will overview Caucasus range, Mt.Kazbegi and beautiful gorges. The way to the pick is followed by alpine meadows full with rhododendron and other beautiful flowers. Climbing up this pick is truly memorable experience.
Camping at the foot of Mt.Chaukhebi (2550m).
Walking time: 4 hrs. Up & down: 650 m.
Day 7: Mt.Chaukhebi (3842 m) Lake Abudelauri
In the morning we depart to Abudelauri pass (3300 m) and cross in to one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia Khevsureti. We take a pass that follows the beautiful gorge, from here we have a chance to have one more glance at Mt.Kazbegi and 3000-4000 meters high mountains. From this place we can see our overnight spot near Abudelauri Lake, which can be reached after 3-4 hours difficult downhill walking. Camping.
Walking time: 6-7 hrs. Up 750 m., down: 800 m.
Day 8: Lake Abudelauri - Village Roshka - Tbilisi
Today we have comprehensively easy walking. We follow the pass which is almost lost in the flowers and often hidden in slide-rocks. So imperceptibly we reach village Roshka, from here we drive to Tbilisi. Overnight in Tbilisi.
Walking time: 2,5 hrs. Down: 550 m.
Day 9: Departure