Hike in the Mystical Svaneti

Discover the majestic beauty and varied terrains on foot

A trip into the Great Caucasus along Georgia’s northern border is a must for anyone who wants to experience the best of the country. Spectacular mountain sceneries, wonderful walks and picturesque old villages with strange defensive towers are all part of a trip.

Great experiences

Mysterious Svaneti – a sublime trekking destination.

Georgia’s Svaneti region has its own unique history and culture and lies among the craggy snow-capped peaks and deep gorges of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Staying with hospitable people in remote villages and exploring the local cuisine, is the best part of the trekking.

The trip that goes a long way

Georgian DMC helps you discover the land of ancient culture and soaring Caucasus Mountains.

Day 1: Arrival

Arrival in Tbilisi International Airport.

Day 2: Tbilisi - Kutaisi

Today, is dedicated to visiting the beautiful capital of Georgia. We will have an opportunity to visit its narrow streets, wooden carved houses and balconies, old churches, Abanotubani – with sulfur baths, a fortress that proudly overlooks the city and enjoy the golden fund of the historical museum. After visiting Tbilisi, we will leave for Kutaisi.

Overnight in Kutaisi.

Day 3: Kutaisi - Okatse canyon - Becho

From Kutaisi, we will visit Okatse Canyon, the hiking route passes through a beautiful forest and ends with an impressive panoramic view. Then, we take the road to Svaneti, which is the oldest and most distinctive part of Georgia. The high towers are harmoniously combined with the huge mountains, cliffs and the important samples of Svan architecture make an indelible impression on the visitor. 

Overnight in Becho.

Day 4: Becho - Ushba Waterfalls - Becho

Today, we will visit Ushba waterfalls. This route is very beautiful and interesting, including the stages of varying difficulty. If we overcome the third, even the most difficult stage, the tip of the Ushba and the valley of the river Dolra will collapse in front of us. Return to Becho in the afternoon.

Overnight in Becho.

Day 5: Becho - Guli Pass - Mestia

Today, a beautiful and at the same time a very difficult route is ahead of us. After, around 5 hours of hiking we will reach the Guli pass (2945 m.). Here, we are very close to Ushba and we will have an opportunity to look down on the nearby mountains and hills and enjoy the amazing views. Arrival in Mestia in the afternoon.

Overnight in Mestia.

Day 6: Mestia - Zuruldi - Tsvirmi

Today, we will take a cable car ride and once again enjoy the beautiful views, that unfold from the highest point of Zuruldi (2348 m.). From here, we will also be able to see the peak Ushba. On the way back, we will have an opportunity to see the amazing peaks of the Caucasus: Tetnuldi (4 858 m.) and Laila (4008m.). We will finish the hike in the picturesque village of Tsvirmi.

Overnight in Tsvimri.

From day 7 to day 9: Tsvirmi - Adishi - Khalde - Ushguli

Today promises a glorious hike, our route includes the alpine zone. In the morning, we leave the beautiful village of Tsvirmi and go through the paths of different difficulty to the beautiful village of Adishi.

This is one of the most beautiful and impressive routes in Svaneti. It is while doing this route that, we can see the beautiful Adishi Glacier. We will cross the river on horseback, reach a steep path to Chkhutnieri Pass (2720 m.) and find ourselves in a huge field. There are views around us that make us feel like in a heaven. 

After a 4-5 hours of hike from Khalde we arrive in Ushguli, which is the highest populated place in Europe – located at an altitude of 2200 m. and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The amazing view of Shkhara, the Svan towers and the ancient temples create an exotic and fabulous environment.

Overnight in Ushguli.

Day 10: Ushguli - Shkhara - Ushguli

Today, we have a very pleasant and less tiring day ahead of us. Our route follows the river Enguri and we enjoy the amazing tranquility. The access road to Shkhara Glacier is dangerous and we do not go very close, from this point, we can already see the glacier and the headwaters of the Enguri River very well. Return to Ushguli in the afternoon.

Overnight in Ushguli.

Day 11: Ushguli - Latipari Pass - Lentekhi

From Ushguli, we have to reach Lentekhi via Latifari Pass. This route is quite long and tiring, we have to walk 6-7 hours. On the other hand, from Latifar Pass (2980 m.), Upper and Lower Svaneti, the peaks of the Caucasus – Ushba (4 710 m.), Tetnuldi (4 858 m.), Shkhara (5 193 m.), Jangha (5 085 m.) can be seen clearly. On the way, you will also meet beautiful lakes. 

Overnight in Lentekhi.

Day 12: Lentekhi - Uplistsikhe - Gori

Today, we will go from Lentekhi to Eastern Georgia. We will visit the rock-carved town of Uplistsikhe, where, the ancient Silk Road passed thousands of years ago. Uplistsikhe is the oldest rock-carved city in Georgia. Drive to Gori. 

Overnight in Gori.

Day 13: Gori - Truso Valley - Stepantsminda

Today, we will travel to Truso Valley, which is located in the subalpine and alpine zone. Truso Valley is almost deserted and has a mystical hue. In addition, to hiking in the beautiful nature, here we will meet travertines, which have been granted the status of a natural monument, mineral waters, lakes and the monasteries. In the evening, we will arrive in Stepantsminda surrounded by glorious mountains.

Overnight in Stepantsminda.

Day 14: Stepantsminda - Juta - Chaukhebi - Stepantsminda

Juta and Chaukhi are the places, that you should not miss during your trip to Georgia. Juta is a beautiful village located at 2160 m. above the sea level and has about 26 inhabitants. From Juta, we can reach the glorious mass of Chaukhebi (2 550 m.) Enjoy the magical views along the way.

Overnight in Stepantsminda.

Day 15: Stepantsminda - Sabertse Pass - Gergeti Church - Stepantsminda

Gergeti Trinity church is the most popular tourist place in Georgia. With its special location and centuries-old history, it really represents the face of Georgia. Today, we will have the opportunity to visit this place, enjoy the grand glacier (5047 m.) and also conquer the Sabertse Pass, which is located at an altitude of 3000 m. Amazing views of the Greater Caucasus.

Overnight in Stepantsminda.

Day 16: Stepantsminda - Khada Gorge - Tbilisi

From Stepantsminda, we will reach Khada Gorge, which is distinguished by beautiful nature. During the hike we will meet small castles, church ruins, acidic waters, as well as shepherds and sheep flocks scattered on the mountains. While doing this route, we will see Gudauri and the military road from above, which is a very impressive sight. Arrival in Tbilisi in the evening.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 17: Departure

Transfer to the airport and departure.

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