5 couple activities in Tbilisi

12 Oct 2021

Georgia’s capital is a city of writers and poets, evocative architecture, and passionate feasting. Tbilisi’s cobbled streets and wooden balconies have served as a backdrop to many a love affair.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect place than Tbilisi to escape with someone special. And because it’s a little more off-the-beaten-track, you may just find you have those cobbled streets all to yourself.

If you are still hesitant to plan your vacation with your loved one in Tbilisi, we will be happy to guide you and tell you at least 5 reasons why you should choose this incredible city as your getaway.

1. Indulge in Georgian cuisine

Georgia is fast gaining a reputation for its rich, flavorful cuisine, and there’s no better place than Tbilisi to treat yourself to some of the country’s most iconic dishes. Khinkali (dumplings), khachapuri (cheesy bread) and eggplant rolled with walnut should all be at the top of your hit list.

There are so many romantic restaurants in Tbilisi, every meal will feel like a date night. Keto & Kote, Café Leila, Chef Saradjeff, Alubali, all have beautiful dining rooms dressed in the ‘old Tbilisi’ style.

2. Cozy up in wine bars

The only thing better, than Georgian food is Georgian wine. Georgia is the cradle of viniculture and Georgia has world’s longest histories of winemaking.

Wine is both an art form and a critical part of the culture in Georgia. From semi-sweet red Saperavi (made from an endemic grape) to amber-colored skin-contact, you can taste and enjoy all of them in Tbilisi.

There are plenty of wine bars in Tbilisi, where you can try the local drop. Some offer formal tastings and degustation menus; others are by-the-glass. A table for two at either Aristaeus Ethno Wine Bar (which also serves local cheese and cured meats for nibbles), Dadi Wine Bar or Wine Factory is the perfect way to spend a romantic evening in Tbilisi.

3. Enjoy the panoramic views

After all that (over), indulging on wine and food, a bit of exercise is in order. Because Tbilisi is located in a valley basin, there are lots of short walks and easy hikes you can do around the city to get a bird’s eye view. If you’re feeling lazy, you can always take a funicular or Narikala cable car instead!

The most popular viewpoint is Narikala Fortress, the 4th-century stone fortification, that crowns the city. It can get busy up there, so for a more peaceful alternative, I recommend Betlemi Rise in the old town.

At the top, there’s a beautiful park with benches shaded by grape trellises. It’s the perfect place to swoon over this magical city – and even better, if you bring a bottle of wine up with you.

4. Get lost in the backstreets of Sololaki

After seeing the city from above, you’ll be itching to explore Tbilisi’s winding streets on a ground level. One of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Sololaki was traditionally home to wealthy merchants. Its heritage buildings and 20th-century facades have seen better days, but Sololaki is still Tbilisi’s most charming district.

The best way to explore this area is by setting out with no particular destination in mind. Hand-in-hand, get lost down the backstreets and see where the city leads you.

5. Take a day trip to Sighnaghi, the ‘city of love’

It’s the kind of place, where you can quite happily wander its cobbled streets for hours with no particular purpose or destination in mind (except, perhaps, the odd winery or two).

As well as being the heart of Georgia’s wine producing region, Sighnaghi is also known for it’s tagline: ‘The City of Love.’ Even our guest house was called “Honeymoon.” The reason? Well, there are two actually.  The most famous one is, that it’s possible to get married 24 hours a day in Sighnaghi, so many Georgians come here to wed their loved ones.

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